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Claims List Finally Updated!

The Claims List has finally been updated. I apologize for the really extended delay in doing so, I realize most people thought this community was dead because of it. But all of this time I have lacked in good internet access, so I wasn't able to get online. Believe me, I'm not happy about it either. But no, this community is not dead! ^_^ I have returned with shiny new internet for more~. =P

Notes To Users

stroberimeteor - Rabi's hammer was already claimed, I believe~. ^^
obakehoshi - Belial and the Mad Hatter are the same person, and they've already been claimed~. And Dejiko was also claimed in a previous post.
ringwraith10 - Washu was already claimed in a previous post~.
mintbunny - I will switch over all of your claims when I get the chance~. ^^
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Welcome back! Hey, no rush or anything! Take your time. I'm really really happy though! Thanks so much!
Well thank you. ^__^ I'm glad to see someone happy about this community. And really, I thought everyone was going to go overboard and get angry with me. x_x Hey times are tough, I do what I can but it's all I can do. ^^ Now that I've got the internet back I can keep up the list and try to promote the community some more to get in more people again~. ^^
When I first joined, I swore I was going to be the person with the most claims! The only reason I haven't claimed anything in like...forever, is because I really did think the community was somewhat dead. But I'm so happy to see that it's back! I'll have to go put my list somewhere in my journal, and think about what I want next! YAY! ^_^ And don't worry about ever having to do this for me again. I'm sticking with this journal for life. ♥