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anime_glomps's Journal

Anime Glomps
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1 Join to claim
2 Claims could be of any type, as long as it's anime (ex. songs, characters, anime itself, objects, techniques or whatever) BUT CHECK THE CLAIMS LIST FIRST.
3 If what you want has been claimed then I'm sorry. D:
4 You get 5 claims at first when you join. After 30 days of your claim you get 3 extra claims and it goes on and on.
5 Promoting is allowed, so go ahead.
6You can claim various transformations of the character. (ex. Sailor Moon and Usagi, Chii and Freya, or Ranma boy and Ranma girl, you get the picture. ^_^)
7 Videogame claims are also allowed now~! ^^
.hack, .hack//sign, 3x3 eyes, ah! my goddess, akira, angelic layer, anime, ayashi no ceres, bastard, berserk, bishoujo, bishounen, bleach, chobits, chrno crusade, city hunter, claiming, clamp, clamp campus detectives, count cain, cowboy bebop, da capo, death note, di gi charat, digimon, digimon 02, digimon adventure, dragon ball, dragon ball z, escaflowne, evangelion, flame of recca, fruits basket, full metal alchemist, full metal panic, full moon wo sagashite, fushigi yuugi, galaxy angel, gatekeepers, get backers, ghost in the shell, great teacher onizuka, gto, gundam, hajime no ippo, hana yori dango, hellsing, hikaru no go, hungry heart wild striker, hunter x hunter, inuyasha, kamikaze kaito jeanne, kare kano, kiddy grade, kimagure orange road, last exile, lupin the 3rd, magic knight rayearth, manga, midori no hibi, naruto, one piece, onegai teacher, peace maker kurogane, pets, princess mononoke, princess tutu, rahxephon, ranma 1/2, rave, rave master, read or die, record of lodoss war, revolutionary girl utena, rurouni kenshin, saber marionette, sailor moon, saint seiya, samurai 7, samurai champloo, samurai deeper kyo, scrapped princess, scryed, serial experiments lain, shaman king, shingetsutan tsukihime, shoujo-ai, shounen-ai, slam dunk, slayers, spiral, spirited away, stellvia of the universe, tantei gakuen q, tenipuri, trigun, ultra maniac, utena, vampire hunter d, vampire princess miyu, vandread, vash the stampede, violinist of hamelin, witch hunter robin, wolf's rain, x, x/1999, yu yu hakusho