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Claims List Finally Updated!

The Claims List has finally been updated. I apologize for the really extended delay in doing so, I realize most people thought this community was dead because of it. But all of this time I have lacked in good internet access, so I wasn't able to get online. Believe me, I'm not happy about it either. But no, this community is not dead! ^_^ I have returned with shiny new internet for more~. =P

Notes To Users

stroberimeteor - Rabi's hammer was already claimed, I believe~. ^^
obakehoshi - Belial and the Mad Hatter are the same person, and they've already been claimed~. And Dejiko was also claimed in a previous post.
ringwraith10 - Washu was already claimed in a previous post~.
mintbunny - I will switch over all of your claims when I get the chance~. ^^
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